Why Cool Bamboo?

It’s Eco-Friendly!

Brushing twice a day and replacing every 2-3 months is not enough. We need to consider our environment as much as our dental health. Our shiny white teeth won’t matter anymore if planet earth suffers for it. Plastic toothbrushes amount to approximately 1000 tonnes of landfill each year.

Bamboo is a natural cellulose fibre with biodegradable handles and environmentally friendly.

A lot Cheaper than Plastic

The planet should not suffer, likewise our pockets. At Cool Bamboo, we’ve created a convenient subscription plan that allows you to switch from plastic to bamboo right away. All you have to do is sign up today and start saving a lot more money on dental care.

Our simple subscription service makes it easy for you to set the terms of re-occurring orders and also cancel anytime. You can also change your account details and payment option at your discretion.

Quality with a Great Look

Plastic toothbrushes could sometime damage your gum and gather bacteria faster. Our toothbrush comes with a high-end look and quality usage. We don’t care about fancy colours and forms; your big bright smile is our number one priority. It’s also great for kids and we follow strict dental recommendations for superior oral hygiene.

Start saving today!

Bamboo Toothbrushes - In jar